5 Fun Summer Activities in Madeira Beach

Two Pelicans stading on poles near Madeira Beach, Florida, USA

Did you know about 32.5 million tourists visited Florida in the summer of 2021?

During the summer, many people opt to go for vacations and holidays. Most of these destinations are sandy beaches with cool, calming waters. Florida is one of the best places to go due to its numerous vacation activities.

Madeira Beach, an island city, located in Florida, attracts hundreds of people during the summer. It’s home to John’s Pass Village Boardwalk, a family-friendly shopping hub, and several other fun summer activities.

This article discusses five fun things to do during the summer at Madeira beach.

1. Go Shopping and Dine at John’s Pass Village Boardwalk

John’s Pass Village Boardwalk is Madeira beach’s number one tourist attraction. It’s an outdoor shopping area that hosts over fifty shops.

You are guaranteed a once-in-a-lifetime shopping experience at this paradise. There is also an array of restaurants and dining areas that offer various seafood cuisines.

John’s pass overlooks the Intercoastal waterway and the Gulf of Mexico. This offers tourists who visit Madeira beach a beautiful view of the people, dolphins, and other exotic animals.

2. Experience the Deep Sea

One of the main reasons people go to beaches for vacations is to get into the water. Snorkeling and scuba diving are among the most popular things to do on Madeira beach.

Snorkeling is an ideal activity during the summer due to the warmth of the water. Florida is well known for its beautiful sea creatures, and what better way to see them than going snorkeling.

You might catch a glimpse of dolphins up close underwater as well as collect unique shells.

3. Visit the ROC (Remember Our Children) Park

A key family-friendly activity you can do in Madeira Beach, Florida, is visiting the ROC Park. This is a place that pays tribute to the victims of the opioid epidemic that occurred in 2016.

If you wish to take a relaxing walk or take your kids to a playground or a swim, ROC is the place to go. The playground offers basketball, tennis, baseball, and other games.

There is also a splash park ideal for children and a doggie park you can bring your dog.

4. Visit the Alligator and Wildlife Conservancy

Florida is home to one of the most exotic and unique animal species globally. To meet these animals, you need to visit The Animal and Wildlife Conservancy. The conservancy gives you a chance to take photographs and create lifetime memories.

It hosts over two hundred rescue animals, mostly alligators, and reptiles.

5. Go on a Pirate Ship Cruise and Sunset Dolphin Cruise

Cruises are one of the most family-friendly activities while on a Madeira beach vacation. Pirate ships cruises and sunset dolphin cruises allow you to site see the waters surrounding the area.

You may also get the chance to see dolphins up close and enjoy the beautiful sunset that is common around these areas.

Summer Activities in Madeira Beach

Florida is an excellent vacation destination, and Madeira beach is one of the most visited places here. From its sandy beaches to the variety of fun activities available, it’s not hard to realize why it’s such a hot spot.

Most places in Madeira beach are family friendly making it perfect for your family vacations.

For the complete Florida experience, you need the best place to stay.

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