Top 10 Johns Pass restaurants to check out when you visit

Johns Pass Restaurants
April 19, 2022 0 Comments


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Florida?




Great Food!

Now, just imagine a small village on the Florida Gulf Coast!

You can have everything a small town offers and, at the same time, get the essence of the Florida beach.

It is filled with local shops with exciting items, boardwalks, and restaurants to spend all your evenings in.

Yes, we are talking about the beautiful town of John Pass on the Florida gulf coast.

The exact location is Madeira beach located just north of Treasure Island near St. Petersburg.

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about 10 different restaurants you can visit when you are traveling to John Pass, Florida.

If you are here for research material because you are about to visit, then you have reached the right place.

We will be telling you about some of the best Johns Pass Restaurants in and around the town, which will make your visit even more special.

We will also be telling you some of the best restaurants for trying out the local dishes.

Top Johns Pass Restaurants To Check Out

1. Delosa’s Pizza

Looking for an amazing local pizza place near Seaview Condos? We recommend checking out Delosa’s Pizza. Let them serve you some of their delicious homemade pizza, garlic rolls, and a side of wings. You will not be disappointed.

Not in the mood for a pizza? Pizza is not the only thing Delosa’s has to offer. Be sure to check out their meatballs, subs, and salads.

2. Paradise Cafe

A casual place for a solo bite or a date if you meet someone there!

Paradise Cafe is located among some of the best shops, so you can have an afternoon of local shopping and grab a bite of the roasted delicacies in the cafe.

Or, get small bites of sandwiches and tacos!

3. John’s Pass Grille

This is one of the most well-known restaurants in the area!

The locals call it the JPG!

Just ask any local and even some of the tourists, and they will be able to tell you where JPG is located.

You can get a variety of food there!

If you want to taste the real essence of JPG, then go for the local seafood platter. You wouldn’t come out dissatisfied.

Your taste buds and stomach will be happy!

4. Beach Bite & Burgers

Sometimes you do not need to see a menu with a plethora of options!

Sometimes, you are just in the mood for some good hefty burgers and sandwiches.

Beach Bite & Burgers understands that assignment, and in just a few minutes of ordering, you will have in front of you the best burgers in John Pass! No doubt!

5. Addicted To The Bean

Looking for a pick me up? Check out Addicted To The Bean for deliciously brewed coffee and some great ambiance!

This is a perfect place for anyone.

Whether you are traveling solo or you are traveling with your entire family.

Have an appetite? Don’t leave this cafe without trying some of their bestselling sweet delights! We recommend their cinnamon rolls.

6. Friendly Fisherman

Let’s say you are in a retro mood and you want to explore some of the oldest restaurants in this beautiful coastal town.

Nothing better than Friendly Fisherman!

This place has been serving some of the best delights since 1987!

The best selling part would be going to the Hubbard’s Marina just a few walks away.

Catch your fish, and they will cook it for you.

7. Mad Beach Brewing

Looking for a local brewery near Seaview Condos that also has great food?

Mad Beach Brewing is the best place for you.

It is a brewpub that will serve you some of the best locally brewed beer and wine, accompanied by good food and great company.

8. The Boardwalk Grille

The John’s Pass Boardwalk is a great attraction for many tourists!

A walk down the boardwalk is great, but it could be tiring at the same time. So why not try some of the best seafood platters and a great place to rest.

The Boardwalk grill is best known for its Boardwalk burger and lobster rolls.

Treat yourself right beside the water!

Happy tastebud is equal to happy you!

9. Caddy’s

If you want dinner at the dock, then close your eyes and pick Caddy’s!

This is the favorite for many tourists including us.

Fine dining inside out!

Yes, you can pick to eat inside with the perfect night beach aesthetic or simply sit at the dock seats and enjoy the live night beach and the mellow breeze.

You can eat every kind of continental cuisine here.

10. Bamboo Beach Bar

It is undoubtedly one of the best bars in John’s Pass!

After all, it has all these years to prove this statement.

It is one of the oldest beach bars in John’s Pass, and its amazing food and drinks make every customer happy.

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