Madeira Beach Condo Rentals: This Is When You Should Visit

August 28, 2021 0 Comments

Florida is one of the states that a lot of people wish they can live in year-round if they do not already. But, just because it does not get too cold down here, does not mean that every month will offer you an equal experience. 

Madeira Beach is no different, being located right on the eastern side of St. Petersburg. So, for those looking at Madeira Beach condo rentals, the question is, when to visit Florida? 

This is a quick guide that will help you determine the best months for you to travel to Madeira Beach, Florida. 

Best Months

One of the best times to visit Florida is either in April or May. This is for a few reasons. 

The first is the average temperature. In April, Madeira Beach has an average high temperature of 81 degrees and a low of 64 degrees. For May, the high average is 86 degrees and the low is 70 degrees. 

These are the months that offer comfortable warmth without it getting too overbearing compared to the summer months. April and May are also the second and third lowest months for rainfall in Florida with 2.3 and 2.4 inches respectively. 

A final selling point for April and May is that those months are still considered shoulder season. Kids are not out of school yet, and people who travel exclusively in the summer will not start yet, so you could save a few bucks with slightly lower crowds for area attractions

Two other months worth considering are November and December. November is technically in hurricane season, but it is well past the peak risk compared to earlier months. 

November and December have average high temperatures of under 80 degrees, and November is the lowest month for average rainfall at 1.8 inches. 

Best of all, these are holiday months. You can take your loved ones on trips for Thanksgiving and Christmas down here, without a large risk for hurricanes, significant rainfall, or uncomfortable heat. 

Off-Peak Months (Money-Saving Opportunity)

The 2 off-peak months of the year to have a Madeira Beach condo rental are August and September. However, It is important to know there are money-saving opportunities in booking in August or September. Not to mention the beach is much less crowded. The discount and reason these 2 months are off-peak are due to the heavy rainfall from tropical storms and hurricanes.

September generally has at least one tropical storm or hurricane, while August is not far behind with about a 50% chance (much higher than 9 of the 12 months). 

Rainfall is the highest in August with 8.2 inches per month. September is not far behind with 7 inches. 

Hurricane risk would be the biggest caveat to renting a condo in August or September. October is still technically in hurricane season as well, with it being the third-highest risk month for one. 

July may be another month you may think twice about. It is a peak summer month, which is both a pro and a con. 

Temperatures reach a peak in July with a 90-degree high average. The average rainfall is one of the highest of the year as well at 8 inches.

Choose the Right Month for Madeira Beach Condo Rentals 

With this information, you should have a better idea of what month Madeira Beach condo rentals may be right for you. 

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