Condo vs. Hotel: Why Renting a Condo Is the Right Decision

Renting a condo on the beach
July 9, 2021 0 Comments

Renting a condo rather than staying in a hotel is the best way to stay when visiting Madeira Beach, Florida. More than 6 million people flock to our beaches each year, making it the most visited spot on the Gulf Coast.  

Why stay in the cramped quarters of a hotel room? Doesn’t having a more prominent and more comfortable place to stay sound better?

Here are a few examples of why renting a condo rental is the best decision when visiting our white, sandy beaches.

Renting a Condo Means a Bigger Kitchen

condo rental in Madeira Beach, Florida, gives you a more oversized kitchen, giving you room to cook just like at home. 

Most condo kitchens feature up-to-date appliances, nicer dinnerware, and better cookware. If you stay for a more extended period, a condo gives you more room for groceries allowing you to make dinner rather than eating at a restaurant. 

A small, cramped hotel kitchen leaves you no room to cook and nowhere to eat! A tiny refrigerator leaves less room for bottled water or cocktails, which you’ll need for a beach day.  

More Space

Condos feature larger living areas, such as a bigger couch than you would find in a hotel room. They also have bigger bathrooms and bedrooms, which means less sharing and more private space.  

Often, people get a Florida condo rental to spend time with one another as a family vacation. Why not spend that family bonding time in an ample space? 

Save Money  

You could also save money on a Florida condo rental because it’s cheaper than renting a hotel room when vacationing with multiple families. Two families will spend less on one condo unit rather than renting two hotel rooms.

Are you staying for a longer time? Ask for a discount. A condo unit owner may negotiate on the price if they know you will be there for a more extended period, and they don’t have to look for another tenant. 

Better Security

Renting a condo means you’re the only person to have a key. The hotel staff is not coming in constantly changing towels or checking to see if there’s enough soap. 

You can feel more secure knowing you are the only one with access to your room. 

Added Amenities 

Condos usually come supplied with things like books, movies, and games. A washer and dryer are in just about every unit. Some may even come with beach chairs and umbrellas.  

Hundreds of rooms mean swimmers will pack a hotel pool, which gives you limited privacy. A condo pool will be smaller and less crowded. 

Renting a Condo Is the Right Decision  

Getting a Florida condo rental gives you a bigger kitchen, more space and can save you money. It also gives you better security and added amenities.

When vacationing in Madeira Beach, Florida, contact us about renting a condo. We can help make your family vacation memories! 

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